Worth a look, especially because of the long quote of Richard Howe. I have enjoyed Richard’s talks every time I have seen one. He is an excellent teacher of philosophy. He is also VERY generous with his material. See the resources tab on his website: http://www.richardghowe.com/

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy

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This is an article penned by the author of the blog site Thomistic Bent that is well worth the read. The author tackles an important epistemological question concerning the nature of evidence, what constitutes evidence, and how atheists fail to apply evidence consistently when they critique the beliefs and views held by non-atheists and those who believe in God. According to Thomistic Bent,

There is great post over at the Shadow To Light blog. You can find it here.  That post reminds me of a statement made by Richard Howe, where he said this:

“When I was debating this atheist, I asked him, ‘what would convince you there is a god?’ He said “If all the chairs in this room rose up, flew against the back wall, and spelled ‘I am here — God’ then I would believe there is a god.” I am…

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