My name is Darren Williams, and I am a Physical Chemistry Professor at Sam Houston State University where I teach Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics, and Forensic Chemistry. For more information on the classes I teach check out my students page.

Here is my professional Curriculum Vita / Resume.

I also lead the Cleaning Research Group that studies industrial cleaning procedures, solvents, and technology. The CRG also provides training for industrial personnel at the Product Quality Cleaning Workshops.

You can connect with me in many ways:

I maintain two blogs where I post about science and religion:

I am the Faculty Adviser for several student groups:

  • Ratio Christi at SHSU – A student organization making the case for the truthfulness of the Christian worldview.
  • SAMPE – The Society for the Advancement of Material Process Engineering

What have I missed? Did this spark a question in your mind? If so, comment below while it is fresh.

Even though I reference my campus involvement on this blog, the opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of Sam Houston State University.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Duane Davis said:

    Good morning, Darren.

    I am a friend of Patsy Wuensche and a lifelong friend of Dick Wuensche who I suspect at this very moment is discussing and expounding with the Trinity about spiritual and model railroad issues.

    Patsy introduced me to you because of my current scholastic interest in apologetics at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. I just wanted to thank and bless you and your work at SHSU. I will follow your apologetics commentaries for my own edification.

    More important to me is your presence at Sam Houston. It is an encouragement to me, and surely to your students, as I look at the current secular ignorance and rejection of God in our country’s educational institutions. Besides, I am an engineer who loves mathematics and the physical world interactions. Chemistry is not in my wheelhouse, however.

    Blessings on your work and life, Darren,
    Duane Davis, Twin Cities, Minnesota

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    • Hi Duane. It’s great to connect with you. Patsy told me that she share my blog with you. Thanks for checking out and for your encouragement.

      I can’t carve much time out of my schedule to post very often, so it is a spotty coverage of apologetics topics.

      My science blog is pchem4all, an as an engineer, you may find some fun things over there, too.

      I look forward to our future correspondence.


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