Greatest Hits

Some of my more popular posts over time.

What IS Christian Faith? How does one come to believe in something?
[These were posted on the Ratio Christi at SHSU Blog.]

  1. No Such Thing as Blind Faith
  2. What is the Biblical concept of the word “faith”?
  3. Moved to believe by reliable sources
  4. Believing due to intuition
  5. Belief as a reaction to stress or joy
  6. Believing due to direct experience

A semi-fictitious father-daughter dialog over the book The Fault in Our Stars.

  1. The Fault in Our Stars – A Conversation
  2. TFiOS – The Support Group
  3. TFiOS – Over Analysis

A companion blog of Greg Koukl’s The Story of Reality. I wrote posts as I read it and as our Ratio Christi Chapter talked through the book at our Friday lunch discussions.

  1. Reality Blog – start here and follow the crumbs.

On the passing of my beloved brother-in-law Kenneth C. Brown. These posts explore illness, death, pain, and loss.

  1. Double Bounce
  2. Time, Distance, and Shielding
  3. Diagnosis Grief is OK

And last but not least, What I Believe and Why.