I just received the much anticipated book by Greg Koukl – “The Story of Reality: How the world began, how it ends, and everything important that happens in between“.

Why would I be so excited?

  1. His book “Tactics” actually taught me how to listen to others when they are speaking. Before Greg’s influence, I spent that precious time formulating my next point instead of hearing what the person is actually saying.
  2. His podcasts have served a mentoring role for me for about 4 years.
  3. His team at Stand to Reason has informed me with their articles, talks, videos, and other resources.

Therefore, I am eager to read through Greg’s magnum opus (to use his phrase). I caught a glimpse of his view of the big picture in his DVD series “The Bible Fast Forward“. The title implies a quick treatment, but not so. This was a comprehensive treatment with a huge pdf outline.

What is a “live blog” of a book?

Well, I have heard of people participating in book clubs where several readers of the same book get together to discuss a chapter at a time. Either, my town is too small, or we are all too busy to do such an enjoyable thing, or I simply have not located enough like-interested individuals in my vicinity to form such a group. So I’ll do my part on the Internet. And if you get your copy of Koukl’s book, you can chime in at your leisure in the comments section.

We can form our own book club.

Although I may put some quotes in my blog, I will not reproduce the whole thing here. That would be illegal and worse, would harm Greg by stealing his labor. You will not be able to skip reading it for yourself, so go ahead and buy your own copy. It will make our shared experience better and our discussion deeper. (BTW, I am not benefiting from the sale of his books.)

One last caveat on time. We are entering the Christmas season, and I have a huge vista of time ahead. But that does not mean that I will spend all of it reading a book or blogging. So cut me some slack if these posts are sporadic. If you get ahead of me in the reading, then open up your own WordPress page and blog the chapters on your site. I’ll check them out when I find time and then we will really be in DIALOG. That would be GREAT!

Lastly, I probably only have an hour to devote to this, and today’s hour is up. If this interests you at all, please say so in the comments and subscribe to this blog so you will receive a notification when I post my comments on the Preface and on Chapter 1 – Confusion. (Tomorrow, Lord willing…) For now, how about a teaser quote from the Preface:

“As we get older, asking “Why?” goes deeper into the heart of things. We begin asking the question not of any individual thing, but of the whole thing. What is the reason for everything? Why am I here? Why is anything here? Why is anything important or good or beautiful? Why?” – Greg Koukl, The Story of Reality, p17

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