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Chapters 11-13 in Greg Koukl’s The Story of Reality are focused on the beauty and the brokenness of humanity. These are so close to our personal experience that we need no long discourse. But rather, we can ponder these things and marvel at the heights and depths of our state.

(If you are new to this series, check out the first post and the intervening posts to put this in context.)

Marvel at

  • Our intricate design
  • Ravishing beauty
  • Creative souls
  • Range of emotions
  • Range of abilities
  • Art, music, literature, film
  • Engineering, chemistry, physics, math, biology
  • Psychology, sociology, counseling, education

To see the beauty of humanity is to bask in the beauty of God’s image stamped upon his image bearers.

Grieve at

the extent of the brokenness of mankind – a curving of man’s nature back onto itself

  • Our intricate design manipulated against its will and the will of the designer
  • Ravishing beauty twisted into profit-making tools of lust
  • Creative souls working to desecrate out of rebellion
  • Range of emotions diminished so much that little is left but fear, anger, and hatred
  • Range of abilities used to serve self with no other considerations
  • Art, music, literature, film to rebell, isolate, and exclude any mention of divine purpose
  • Engineering, chemistry, physics, math, biology used against humanity rather than for it
  • Psychology, sociology, counseling, education used to indoctrinate in evil

Ponder these deeply. Ponder not in the abstract. Ponder your own depths of brokenness.

And flee to the Father who has made a way for your restoration in Jesus Christ.

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