Ken and I are of exactly the same mind on this. I crave deeper conversations with people about the foundational issues that we build our lives upon. Read Ken’s blog post to see how he and I approach these deeper conversations.

Then contact me. Let’s have a conversation, especially if you are curious about science-faith issues.

Ken is a philosopher and theologian, so he would have much more insight into those issues. He’d love to have you comment on his blog.


Recently someone asked me how you can know if you have had a successful apologetics encounter. My immediate answer was that defending the faith (Greek:apologia) is never easy and one must trust in God’s grace for the results. Ultimately, I believe thatonly God by his extraordinary grace can instill a desire for himself in a human being.

Yet I do think there are important goals to strive for in apologetics interactions. So whether it’s a television or radio interview, a formal debate, or a personal discussion with someone, I generally have three goals in mind when engaging in the enterprise of apologetics. If I can work toward accomplishing these goals, then I think my time of defending the faith has been well served.

3 Broad Goals of Christian Apologetics Interactions

First, I try to present clear, careful, and cogent arguments for my faith. Whetherpresenting arguments for God’s existence…

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