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You have heard dismal news.2016-stopping-the-exodus

As we sound the alarm in our congregations, think of what the youth are thinking.

  • Is this the way it is supposed to be?
  • Will I make it through college with MY faith in tact?

Here is some good news:

This research revealed that many of the 70% merely take a hiatus from regular church attendance during the college years. There are many factors which drive this. Some of which are good, not bad.

For instance, many students are very active in para-church ministries, which technically are not church, and would not be seen as regular church attendance. I have been involved with these students and these ministries for years at multiple campuses. The spiritual needs of these students are being met with regular worship, small group Bible study, discipleship groups, service projects, and Christian outreach. These students go on to more stable lives and return to church when jobs, marriages, and kids come along.

That is NOT to say that there is no exodus. There is. But it is not 70%.

Here is some better news:

  • We know the traits of those students who DON’T leave the church during the college years?
  1. They REALLY are Christians, and were not just in youth group for the pizza.
  2. They were equipped by their youth program, not just entertained.
  3. Their parents preached the gospel to them.

Here is some BETTER news.

Ratio Christi College Prep (RCCP) exists to train mentor youth leaders to run high school apologetics clubs within the church or school. The purpose of these clubs is to:

  1. Disciple the youth, helping them become confident in their Christian convictions.
  2. Equip the youth, helping them be comfortable in ANY conversation with ANY person about ANY topic related to the Christian faith.

Contact me to set up a training in your area. I’ll put you in contact with the RCCP Coordinator.

And for you in Huntsville, Texas, here is the BEST NEWS!

We are hosting a High School Retreat to:

  1. EQUIP your kids.
  2. ENCOURAGE their faith in Christ.
  3. ENABLE them to confidently meet future challenges.

Your youth will meet college mentors from SHSU who have NOT lost their faith in college. Instead, these college students have grown closer to the Lord through Bible study and through the study of Christian Apologetics – the Rational Defense of the Faith.

That’s what Ratio Christi is all about.

I sincerely hope you will support us by telling the youth in YOUR church to attend our High School Retreat on April 16, 2016.

All they have to do to sign up is text “@16retreat” to 81010.

The High School Retreat landing page is here.

God bless you and your youth.