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You know C. S. Lewis

I encourage you to feast upon this collection of interview podcasts from the Eric Mataxas Show. Eric Mataxas is author of Amazing Grace, Bonhoeffer, and Miracles. Eric also created Socrates in the City, which is the venue for these interviews that took place in Oxford, England.

The interviews were of Walter Hooper – C. S. Lewis’s personal secretary and manager of Lewis’s papers after his death. He shares some fascinating stories about our favorite mentor in the faith.

Please enjoy, and go subscribe to the Eric Mataxas Show for more of the same. (No commission is involved, unfortunately. 🙂 )

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Hour 4

I cannot add much. Some of my favorite moments in these interviews made me laugh and a few made me choke up with a tear or two.

I laughed when Walter cautioned Jack about giving money to a beggar outside the pub.

Hooper: “Aren’t you afraid that this man will spend that money on drink?”

Lewis: “Well if I kept it, I would.”

A tear welled up when I heard the Pope’s compliment of Lewis.

He knew his Apostolate; and he DID it.

It surprised me that I reacted this way. But this is a hint of what we hope to hear from God in the end,

Well done, my good and faithful servant.

May we all find our apostolate and DO it with God’s help.